Guaranteed Standard Issue Programs

Defend your Income

We are pleased to provide a Guaranteed Standard Issue (GSI) disability insurance program to the residents and fellows at Mayo Clinic College of Medicine and Science (MN, FL, AZ and WI locations) and Kaiser Permanente (all CA locations).

The Guaranteed Standard Issue program allows you to obtain an individual disability insurance policy - with no medical underwriting - for up to $7,500 of monthly benefit, subject to Guardian's New Professional Limits.

This program gives you the opportunity to protect your income if you become disabled, even if you have pre-existing conditions that would normally prevent you from obtaining coverage. In addition, the policy is a personally-owned individual disability insurance policy that is portable.

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While you are in Training

Take time now to learn about the benefits of the GSI Program. No time is too early to contact us to learn more.

Before you Graduate

All the hard work, years of sacrifice and unwavering commitment to your education are necessary steps to a rewarding career. Your investment has been considerable. Before you move to the next phase of your career, there's another important step you should take: protecting your earning power from the devastating effects of an illness or injury.

Highlights of this GSI Program include:

  • Monthly benefit up to $7,500, subject to Guardian's New Professional limits, or up to $15,000 with financial underwriting
  • Future Increase Option Rider allows you to elect a smaller monthly benefit today with additional coverage available in the future
  • No medical underwriting - coverage is guaranteed standard issue
  • Enhanced True Own-Occupation "Medical Specialty" protection for Physicians and Surgeons
  • Elimination Period - 90 days
  • Benefit Period - To age 67
  • Recovery Benefit Option - Up to the full benefit period, up to age 67
  • Enhanced Partial Disability Rider - Yes, with a 15% loss of income trigger, or times or duties. A unique loss of income feature for the first 12 months, after satisfying the waiting period, with the Residual Disability Benefit
  • Catastrophic Benefit Rider - Up to $8,000 of monthly benefit
  • Waiver of Premium Benefit - Yes, if disabled
  • Waiver of Elimination Period - 5 years after recovery
  • Premium Structure - Graded or level premium options available
  • Mental/Nervous/Substance Abuse - 24 month limitation
  • Discounts - 10% Student Residence discount; 10% Mental and or Substance-Related discount, 10% Preferred Occupation discount, depending on medical specialty

This summary represents a brief explanation of the resident and fellow individual disability GSI offer only. It should not be used to determine whether your disability claim will be paid. The written contract governs the benefits available. Optional riders are available for an additional premium.

Any resident or fellow previously turned down or provided with a modified offer by other disability insurance carriers (not including Berkshire Life) is not eligible for this program. Therefore, you are encouraged to look into this program as soon as possible.

Higher levels of coverage may be available through a fully underwritten individual disability program.

Click here to receive disability quotes from the leading providers of physician "own occupation" disability insurance.