For over 25 years, Kaplan Financial has been helping medical schools and training hospitals promote financial literacy in their graduates.  Through extensive interaction with residents and fellows, and with their feedback, we have refined our 45-minute seminar to focus exclusively on the specific tax and financial planning concepts that contribute most directly to the financial well-being of physicians in training. Education topics include:

  • Important tax dates and concepts 
  • Often overlooked tax deductions 
  • Student loans & debt management 
  • Financial planning considerations 
  • Retirement planning 
  • Disability insurance fundamentals 

Since 1990, Kaplan Financial has spoken at nearly all of the medical schools and major training hospitals in Los Angeles including LAC+USC, UCLA, Kaiser Permanente, Cedars-Sinai, Harbor-UCLA, Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles, Olive View-UCLA, White Memorial, and Huntington Memorial Hospital.

The rigors of a medical education can profoundly limit participants’ exposure to the core financial concepts needed to establish a healthy financial life and to smoothly transition from training to practice. Research has shown that medical residents who worry about indebtedness often demonstrate poor job performance and high levels of stress. Our seminars have been refined and updated throughout the years to focus on the specific financial issues that most directly impact physicians in training.  In a recently published study of lectures designed to help medical students with their financial literacy, Kaplan Financial received the highest marks from attendees of any speaker.  

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