My name is Joan C, and I am a recent medical school graduate who matched and is about to start emergency medicine residency in less than 2 months in New York. 

I've been a fan of (The White Coat Investor) and really appreciate all the work you do for us in helping to keep us duly informed and financially well versed. I'm pretty sure I came across your name earlier on in med school, but it wasn't until the last few years that I more religiously listened to your podcasts and followed up with some deeper diving on financial topics via your blog posts. I am proud to report that thanks to your broad reach and efforts to educate us on wiser financial decisions, both my boyfriend and I looked into and just recently signed our disability insurances. We ultimately chose to work with Robert Kaplan, CFP, and this email really is about him. 

I regret to say that Robert wasn't the first person I approached. As a 4th year medical student savoring some last bit of more down time before the years of grinding and learning, I figured I would pay even more attention to financial learning and planning. I attended a free financial webinar that was sponsored/promoted by EMRA and figured that it wouldn't hurt if it didn't cost me money. Towards the end, I realized that the presenter was an insurance agent who suggested we send them our information to work with his office more closely. That was my first encounter with disability insurance. They assured me they were an independent agent, I tried to do my due diligence, re-read all your disability insurance-related articles, tried to ask all the right questions, but even then, weeks out from first submitting my info to them, I felt confused and that something wasn't quite right. But the agent sounded so friendly and informative and open, I figured it would be fine. My boyfriend is finishing his 5-year radiation oncology residency, and asked if I could share with him what I had researched and done so far regarding disability insurance because he was looking to secure a policy of his own before the jump from residency to attending-hood. After I shared my feelings about working with this agent so far, he reminded me that I really should probably do some more shopping around if this current agent felt a bit off. 

Enter Robert Kaplan. I went through your list of recommended insurance agents, and while I would have loved to work with all of them, I just happened to pick Robert. One of the best decisions of my life. Working with him and the other agent was like night and day. No selling at all. No ambiguity. No beating around the bush. Pointed out in a non-condescending but still straight forward manner (in the hours of consultation even before we submitted our application through him) that it wasn't right if I couldn't answer basic questions such as how much coverage I was applying for, or that I had only seen a quote from Guardian (and no other insurance companies). But again, no pressure to be his client. Just wanted to make sure I was financially and soundly informed and welcomed us to reach out to him as many times as we needed and if we ultimately decide to apply through him, great! 

I felt really bad that all this knowledge was coming from him to me for free (he literally spent hours on the phone with both my boyfriend and me to explain unreservedly every question we possibly had). He also told us flat out that if we weren't married yet and had no kids, no dependents, we shouldn't even worry about term life insurance yet (we asked him about it). He suggested that I email you to tell you what an amazing experience we had working with him. (And of course, refer him to our family and colleagues should they need his insurance policies or be better financially informed.) I could go on and on about how practical, not-pushy, comprehensively and patiently informative, and prompt to respond Robert Kaplan was with us. Working with him was how I imagined getting disability insurance should be, but exponentially better. Thank you for continuing to recommend him on your page. 

I'm sorry this email ran so long. But I just wanted to thank you and everyone that you work with to allow us physicians and high-earning individuals to be better informed financially. Can't thank you enough. I'm sure you're incredibly busy, so I wouldn't be surprised if I didn't hear back. But I promised Robert that if I heard back from you, I'd forward to him your response. Hope you're doing well. 

Sincerely, Joan C, M.D.

This statement is a testimonial by a client of the financial professional as of 05/19/2021. The client has not been paid or received any other compensation for making these statements. As a result, the client does not receive any material incentives or benefits for providing the testimonial.

You are unique. Your financial goals and circumstances are too. You deserve a financial professional who can offer personalized service and cater to your unique financial needs. As a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional and an independent insurance broker, I can offer a comprehensive understanding of your financial landscape and provide clear, professional advice. With over 30 years of physician-specific insurance experience, having fostered important industry relationships along the way, I can effectively advocate for your specific disability insurance planning through every stage of your career. As a husband, son-in-law, and brother-in-law of physicians, and a father of a medical student, I am especially passionate about helping doctors navigate their financial landscape so that they can focus on their vital work.

Customize your Coverage:

  • Non-Cancelable & Guaranteed Renewable
  • "Own Occupation" Specialty-Specific Definition of Disability
  • Total and Partial/Residual Disability Benefits
  • Age 65, 67 or 70 Benefit Period
  • Future Insurance Option (FIO) Rider
  • Optional Inflation Protection (COLA) Rider
  • Optional Retirement Plan Protection (RPP) Rider
  • Optional Student Loan (SLR) Rider 
  • Optional Catastrophic Disability Benefit (CDB) Rider
  • Financially Strong Insurer - Standard & Poor’s, A.M. Best, and Comdex Composite Score

Available Carriers:

  • Ameritas 
  • Berkshire/Guardian  
  • Lloyds of London 
  • MassMutual 
  • Ohio National 
  • Principal Financial 
  • The Standard 
  • Unum 

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